Introduction to my Blog and me as a Person

Well, hello there, you’ve never heard of me and I’m not quite sure how you ended up here, and that idea, situation, and it’s existence now intrigues me, but, onto the good stuff, who I am, and why you should read my blog..yeah yeah here you go. My name is Logan, and I have some formal education covering Chemistry and Informatics Engineering, as well as more general acquired knowledge accompanied by a deep passion and curiosity for both. I’m also an avid gamer(and procrastinator, thanks Gabe Newell and Bill Gates)whenever I(don’t)have time to game, on either Xbox One or PC. Now as to what I’m offering with this blog, I’m going to give my true, unadulterated(and likely cynical)opinions on any one or all of these topics, or maybe even other topics, but that’s up to you to let me know what you want to see on here, after all, it is for you. I will also do reviews on various Games for Gaming blogs, Chemistry Resource and Informational sites, Informatics Engineering and any sites, techniques, etc. related to it, in addition to this I will also cover any up and coming present developments within these areas. Hell, even if you guys would want, I could write about career opportunities for each respective category, and while it’s relatively easy to find information, I will attempt to compile it concisely and in an applicable way for the real world work and economic environments. On top of this all you may see the occasional rant/personal entry on here, to break from the majority of what my content will be, and if they’re desired I may turn them into a fun little “sunday story” or something similar. At first this will all be guided by me, but if anyone gives me feedback I will take it into consideration to make the blog as entertaining and effective as possible. So, feel free to be critical, as long as you’re constructive about it, so instead of crying while binge eating donuts, I can sob while making alterations to the blog site.